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Selecting the right wine

shutterstock_238694317 Whether for a special occasion, a holiday event or just Friday Family Pizza Night, there can be a great deal of anxiety and frustration in selecting just the right wine. Scores, apps on your smartphone, and friends may help, but your best resource, first, last and always is at your favorite wine store. Bootleggers employs well-versed wine professionals who can help you plan a party, an intimate dinner or pick a nice easy wine for Pizza Night. At Bootleggers there is always someone to help.

Meet Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson - September 19th

Bootleggers Liquor Outlet is proud to announce that Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson will be appearing in person for a bottle signing on September 19th from 12 Noon to 2pm. Now some of you may be wondering, what brands has Lincoln Henderson created? well here are just a few of the brands that he helped create : Angels Envy, Gentleman Jack, Early Times Kentucky Whiskey, which changed from bourbon to whiskey; Jack Daniels Single Barrel; and Woodford Reserve. He has also been involved in research and development of other Spirits that include tequila, Canadian whiskey, American whiskeys, and imported whiskeys. So now you are asking - Why is he coming to Bootleggers Liquor Outlet? Well that answer can be summed up in Three words Angel's Envy Bourbon. Angels Envy Lincoln Henderson Appearance If I can offer some advice, mark your calendar; stop by and meet a legend; Buy a bottle and enjoy a truly spectacular Bourbon.
August 16, 2011 Posted by admin in Store

In the mood for a good Cabernet?

Will overswhirling your wine make it go flat?

Swirling has become so reflexive for me, I sometimes catch myself swirling my water glass. When it comes to bubbly, Read more
August 16, 2011 Posted by admin in Store

From our customers

One of our clients recently left a glowing review on our google map page, we thought we'd share. Really well-organized and expansive store --wide aisles, lots of choices, and a very friendly staff. They have all the brands you could ever want, at the lowest prices I've seen. There are tastings every week, of everything from wine to tequila, and you even get 10% off for ordering a mixed case of wine--I know I will be going back for another case soon!! I also love their snacks, including a fridge dedicated to Boar's head meats and cheeses--great for picking up some last-minute party snacks Katherine - New Jersey Resident